Traditional Metal Braces

Discover the reliability and comfort of traditional metal braces at Park Cities Orthodontics. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, these braces utilize metal brackets and archwires to align your teeth effectively. Elevate your orthodontic experience by personalizing your smile with colored elastics, adding a unique and vibrant touch.

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Clear Braces

For a discreet orthodontic solution, explore our clear (ceramic) braces at Park Cities Orthodontics. Made from clear materials, these braces are less visible than their metal counterparts, making them an ideal choice for older teenagers and adults with cosmetic concerns. While visually subtle, clear braces require diligent oral hygiene due to their larger and more delicate nature, commonly applied to upper front teeth.

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Self-Ligating Braces

Experience a faster and more comfortable approach to teeth straightening with our Pitts21® self-ligating braces. Similar to conventional options but with unique bracket materials and no need for elastics, these braces feature wires secured in place by a distinctive clip.

Passively moving teeth with reduced force, self-ligating braces offer a more comfortable journey with fewer appointments, potentially leading to a shorter treatment time. Dr. Kachroo applies these discreet braces closer to the gum line, ensuring a subtly effective treatment right here at Park Cities Orthodontics.
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