Dallas, TX
Find relief from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) and TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) symptoms with specialized care at Park Cities Orthodontics. Dr. Kachroo understands the complexities of these conditions and offers tailored solutions to alleviate discomfort and improve jaw function. Explore our comprehensive approach to TMJ and TMD and regain harmony in your oral health.

Discover the features of our TMJ – TMD care:

Comprehensive Assessment: Dr. Kachroo conducts a thorough evaluation to identify the underlying causes of TMJ and TMD symptoms, allowing for a personalized treatment plan.

Customized Therapies: Our treatments may include orthodontic interventions, oral appliances, and other therapeutic modalities to address specific TMJ and TMD concerns.

Patient-Centered Care: We prioritize patient comfort and well-being, tailoring our approach to each individual’s unique needs and symptoms.

Regain comfort and function with our specialized TMJ – TMD care at Park Cities Orthodontics. Let us help you on your journey to a pain-free and harmonious jaw function.

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