We Offer Braces for Low Monthly Payments & a Low Down Payment

Though they are an older technology than clear aligners, traditional bracket-style braces made with metal or clear ceramics are by no means obsolete. The mindblowing technology of these these straight-teeth-machines has been honed and perfected for decades to give you the most spectacular results possible. Our orthodontists, Dr. Tien Nguyen and Dr. Yasir Kachroo, and our team use these advanced techniques to gently and consistently push and pull your teeth and jaws over time to get them all situated in the right positions, optimizing your oral health and helping you look and feel like a million bucks! In addition to metal braces, we also offer clear ceramic braces, which are more discreet for those wanting a less conspicuous option.

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Braces are one of the most common — and reliable — orthodontic treatments around, and decades of scientific advancement have led to braces that are more effective, comfortable and unobtrusive than ever before. Braces can help with overcrowded teeth, gaps in your smile, misaligned teeth and even problems with your bite. The two main options of braces we offer are:

  • Metal Braces — Wear your orthodontic treatment loud and proud with this customizable and economical option. You can rest assured that your whole time in braces will help you get that beautiful new smile you have been dreaming of.
  • Clear Braces — All the perks of braces — none of the metal mouth! Brackets that blend in with your natural tooth color straighten your smile comfortably and covertly, giving you a healthy, straight smile in style.

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