Have you ever had to deal with the annoying or even downright uncomfortable symptoms of a TMJ disorder? Does your jaw joint pop, grind or lock up when you chew or speak? Do you experience tightness or aching in your chewing muscles or other parts of the head, neck and face? These symptoms can be a serious drain on your oral health and general sense of wellbeing.

In that same vein, has a friend or loved one ever told you that you snore or even stop breathing entirely when you sleep, or do you have unrestful sleep that still leaves you feeling drained in the morning? These can be indicators of sleep apnea, which is a bigger problem than simply making noises while you sleep. The deprivation of oxygen it causes for the body can spiral down into a host of other harmful conditions that can impact your general health and quality of life.

Our orthodontists, Dr. Tien Nguyen and Dr. Yasir Kachroo, can provide helpful and effective treatment for TMJ disorders and sleep apnea symptoms in Dallas, Texas. If you are experiencing any of these conditions, please don’t hesitate to give Park Cities Orthodontics a call today at 214-484-8488. You don’t have to deal with your symptoms alone!