Do you, like a lot of people, think that a person has to be at least a teenager to get started with orthodontics? Well, we still love you, but in this case you would be absolutely wrong. We might even be able to provide your child with orthodontic treatments a whole heck of a lot earlier than you think. Young children are actually at an ideal point for orthodontics when their jaws and teeth are still growing and developing. Because the tissues involved are quite fluid at this stage in their life, our orthodontists, Dr. Yasir Kachroo, can more easily guide their growth, allowing the teeth and jaws to find their way into a naturally straightened position by the time they have fully developed. To learn more about our early orthodontic options in Dallas, Texas, please read on, or give Park Cities Orthodontics a call today at (214) 484-8488 for more information!